The podcast and your hosts

“What’s the easiest way to become rich and famous?”

“A podcast?”

Yeah, we don’t think anyone has ever said that, and clearly if our goal was fame and money we would have chosen much different life paths (replace “a podcast” with “physics” for an even more unlikely conversation). We’ve known each other for over 10 years, and over that time we’ve frequently discussed everything from physics, sci-fi, music, and writing, to our experiences living abroad and traveling around the world. With some encouragement from our friends, we decided to take our serious, silly, and wide-ranging conversations to the internet. Thanks for joining us and we hope you enjoy. As one of us said when recording our first episode, “I think we’re interesting.” :smile:

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Brandon Anderson


A native Montanan, Brandon thrives on open space. He spent his early years mounting wilderness expeditions from his home in the hills outside of Helena, and nursing an addiction to speculative fiction. Anything to make the world feel bigger. Unwilling to stop at our planet, he studied astrophysics at Montana State University, and went on to receive his PhD in Santa Cruz, California. He continued, studying dark matter as a postdoc, for four years in Stockholm, Sweden. Currently on a physics hiatus, he is finally making his own science fiction.

John Kehayias


John is a New Yorker by birth, though his family is from Greece and Korea. While he appreciates a beautiful landscape, most often John can be found in larger cities. He studied mathematics and physics at Columbia University in New York City before enjoying sunny California for graduate school (in the same cohort as Brandon). Afterwards he spent three years as a postdoc in Tokyo, Japan, followed by two years in Nashville, Tennessee. Life has since moved on from theoretical physics, and John is currently pursuing many interests, from essay writing and photography to coding.

Find out more about John and see his writing and photography at 9bladed.com.


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