Episode 17: Show Us The (Alien) Bodies

The closest we get to reality on this podcast

Tangent Space faces reality in this one folks. Or as close of an encounter as we can get. Which of us has seen a UFO in real life? Why would Brandon only be convinced aliens exist if they demonstrated their power? Does John want to join a UFO cult? Find out answers to these questions as we shill for alien sponsorship! We discuss the big questions, wondering if we are alone, if anyone would even believe if aliens showed up, and how to pronounce “fata morgana.” We also watch some UFO videos (links below!) and start down the path of alien conspiracies.

Join us, little green friends! Have a listen and look below for show links…

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Episode 16: Raised by Ridley

On Soviet Kepler, Dice Rolls You

It’s like they made a TV show for Tangent Space: sci-fi with androids, some post-apocalyptic faraway planet, monsters, gibberish science…that’s right, we discuss HBO’s Raised by Wolves! Oh, and longtime Tangent Space personality Ridley Scott is involved (in the show, not with us), of course, so you know we couldn’t pass this one up after we’ve discussed Prometheus and Alien: Covenant extensively. It’s a throwback to the very first episodes!

There’s a lot to talk about here with ancient religion, a cross over with Star Wars (hi, Darth Vader), giant snake worm things, and that bonkers season finale. Come have a listen and look below for show links…

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Episode 15: Boyz 2 (Watch)men

Lube Man will save the day

Just two men watching boys (and grownups) wearing masks and punching people. We discuss two very entertaining and pertinent shows, The Boys on Amazon and Watchmen on HBO, which we highly recommend. We cover a lot of stuff in this one, from masks and being anonymous, to policing, race, privilege and encryption. It’s not all serious of course, as Brandon reveals his love for Wonder Woman and his distrust of tall people. Meanwhile John continues throwing shade at J.J. (Abrams) and wonders about Lube Man (answer down below!).

Listen below or on your favorite app, and see “Read More” for some sweet links and credits.

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Special Message and Preview of Episode 15

Vote, or we will read our diaries to you

We’re hard at work on the next episode, but wanted to remind everyone in the US to vote! Rather than just record ourselves saying “Vote!” and loop it, we present to you a special preview from our upcoming episode on the anti-superhero shows Watchmen and The Boys. Or more like a random tangent that may get buried in editing. Consider this fair warning to catch up on watching before the episode comes out.

Get it while it’s hot! And vote! (And if you can’t vote, pray and/or sacrifice to your favorite god.)

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Episode 14: Star Wars, Good God Y'All!

What is it good for? Absolutely nothing!

Many stars, many wars, but only one podcast episode. We take a meandering look at the religion/fandom/industry/empire that is Star Wars. Somehow we remain mostly spoiler free, though we jump between all the movies (even the unmentionable ones) and even a little of the games. John throws some shade on J. J. (Abrams) while Brandon falls for the wookies and their trees and champions robot rights. We coin (discover?) the term “robophobe.”

Ducrossy folks, most ducrossy.

Listen below or on your favorite app, and see “Read More” for the rest of the show notes, links, and credits.

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Episode 13: Papa Went Out For Aliens, Never Came Back

Brad Pitt is James "Space Monkey" Bond

Nothing like a timely movie discussion, but at least we made it in under a year since the movie was out! We discuss Ad Astra, the recent movie with Brad Pitt and his space dad, Tommy Lee Jones. Lots of space in this movie dear listeners: space action, space psychology, space family drama, space monkeys! Also, moon pirates. It is most certainly not all fun and games, as the movie explores what it means to dedicate yourself to science, the exploration of other life, and the role of family. While the movie is quiet and contemplative, we’ll make up for it with our yapping. Skip to about 7 or 8 minutes in to avoid overall plot spoilers, though we still discuss parts of the plot throughout.

Listen below or on your favorite app, and see “Read More” for the rest of the show notes, links, and credits.

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Episode 12: Shut Your Wormhole

We rock out with our clocks out

Roads? Where we’re going we don’t need no stinking roads. That’s right, Tangent Space travels in time, and we’re bringing you with us! We discuss some theories of time travel, our favorite time travel movies, and whether or not it is really possible. We may even invent the first podcast time travel machine, you’ll just have to listen to find out. Listen on the embeded play below or on your favorite podcast app, and hit “Read More” for episode links and credits.

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Episode 11: Annihilation, No Breathing

This is my Area X resort

Tangent Space gets annihilated! We discuss the recent-ish movie Annihilation from Alex Garland based on the book by Jeff VanderMeer. Mysteries abound: aliens? doppelgangers? what does it all mean? And WTF is “refracted DNA”??? John has read all the books and Brandon has theories, so come join us in a romp through the Shimmer to Area X. (Hit “Read More” for show links.)

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Episode 10: Duncan Dune-nuts

Somehow both our grossest and sexiest episode yet

Dune! One of the most famous and acclaimed sci-fi novels finally gets the Tangent Space treatment. From the sprawling and crazy later books to the David Lynch movie and the film that almost was from Jodorowsky, we have a lot to talk about in this episode. We’re talking battle pugs (yes, seriously), riding the sandworm with Toto blasting, sex ninjas, and seeing the future while tripping out on spice. Come with us as we walk arithmetically on the sand and praise Shai-Hulud! (A good crop of related links on the full post.)

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Episode 9: Die Hard Huckabees

We could probably make more episodes if we had forever

Catching up on another episode we are proud to present the last of the single digits, immortalized as an episode about…well, immortality! Even better, it is longer than the usual!

We debate the joys and pitfalls of being immortal and whether anyone would really want to live forever. Speaking of forever, sorry this episode languished a bit in editing and posting (cough John cough). It has been so long this show notes writer (cough John cough) is having difficulties remembering what we discussed. So this website writer (cough John cough) is left without much to go on. I suppose he could blame someone else (cough Brandon cough), but since he does all the hard editing work…

Anyway, elves, lobsters, memory, being trapped in a computer, AI…consider it a surprise and enjoy the extended episode on the player below, or your favorite podcast app. Links and credits on the full post.

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