Episode 13: Papa Went Out For Aliens, Never Came Back

Brad Pitt is James "Space Monkey" Bond

Nothing like a timely movie discussion, but at least we made it in under a year since the movie was out! We discuss Ad Astra, the recent movie with Brad Pitt and his space dad, Tommy Lee Jones. Lots of space in this movie dear listeners: space action, space psychology, space family drama, space monkeys! Also, moon pirates. It is most certainly not all fun and games, as the movie explores what it means to dedicate yourself to science, the exploration of other life, and the role of family. While the movie is quiet and contemplative, we’ll make up for it with our yapping. Skip to about 7 or 8 minutes in to avoid overall plot spoilers, though we still discuss parts of the plot throughout.

Listen below or on your favorite app, and see “Read More” for the rest of the show notes, links, and credits.

Correction: we were a bit optimistic of the ethics in science, but alas primates are still used in research. Some laws to reduce experimental usage are progressing and great apes are banned in many countries, but not the US.

Links and credits:

Ad Astra on Wikipedia and on IMDb

To find out about the largest effort to find extraterrestrial life, see the SETI Institute

We referenced an SMBC comic about maximizing happiness (and if you want to go down the Wikipedia hole)

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