Episode 16: Raised by Ridley

On Soviet Kepler, Dice Rolls You

It’s like they made a TV show for Tangent Space: sci-fi with androids, some post-apocalyptic faraway planet, monsters, gibberish science…that’s right, we discuss HBO’s Raised by Wolves! Oh, and longtime Tangent Space personality Ridley Scott is involved (in the show, not with us), of course, so you know we couldn’t pass this one up after we’ve discussed Prometheus and Alien: Covenant extensively. It’s a throwback to the very first episodes!

There’s a lot to talk about here with ancient religion, a cross over with Star Wars (hi, Darth Vader), giant snake worm things, and that bonkers season finale. Come have a listen and look below for show links…

Links and Credits:

Catch up on previous Ridley Scott discussions with Episode 1: Prometheus and Episode 2: Covenant (wow, that was a long time ago now)

Raised by Wolves on HBO

There’s an official podcast (if you must listen to another podcast) that you can find everywhere, including on YouTube (here’s a link to the first episode)

We mention Futurama’s Godfellas episode, which won the first Writers Guild of America Award for animation; here’s a clip

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