Episode 5: The Return of the Physics

I used to be a physicist like you, then I took an arrow to the knee

You just can’t keep us away: in this episode we talk physics, but only the fun and cool stuff! Inspired by a question from a student, we discuss some of our favorite and most mind blowing topics we learned about during our time as physicists. We talk about the true weirdness in the quantum world, the ultimate fate of the universe, and come up with a potential new name for the podcast. Episode and links below.

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Episode 3: Emotional AIs, Decisions, and Living in a Simulation

Join us, and question the nature of your reality

We really go off on some…tangents in this episode. While we start with a discussion on emotions and AI inspired by a sci-fi book trilogy, we quickly find ourselves talking about decision making through coin flipping, random numbers, and why we’re probably living in a simulated reality (maybe). We had a lot of fun in this one, while including some science and math (it’s in our nature, apparently). Check out the episode, with a few show notes below on the full post.

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