Episode 14: Star Wars, Good God Y'All!

What is it good for? Absolutely nothing!

Many stars, many wars, but only one podcast episode. We take a meandering look at the religion/fandom/industry/empire that is Star Wars. Somehow we remain mostly spoiler free, though we jump between all the movies (even the unmentionable ones) and even a little of the games. John throws some shade on J. J. (Abrams) while Brandon falls for the wookies and their trees and champions robot rights. We coin (discover?) the term “robophobe.”

Ducrossy folks, most ducrossy.

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Episode 7: Join the Doppel Gang

The one where Brandon becomes a robot

Another episode for ya!

We discuss imitation, fakery, memories, and the downfall of reality as we uncover more of our deepest fears. But it’s not all dark! Learn how a bag of chips will protect your identity, how videogames will allow us to replicate Brandon, and about that childhood movie that actually doesn’t exist.

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Episode 6: Procedural Dreaming

Randomness all the way down

Whoops! We (okay, it’s all John’s fault) are a bit late in making a post for our most recent episode. If you didn’t catch it yet we discuss procedural generation, a cool and mathy way of creating everything from art to entire virtual worlds. Somehow it all comes back to The Truman Show even as we get to geeky video games, choose your own adventure books, and more:

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