Episode 11: Annihilation, No Breathing

This is my Area X resort

Tangent Space gets annihilated! We discuss the recent-ish movie Annihilation from Alex Garland based on the book by Jeff VanderMeer. Mysteries abound: aliens? doppelgangers? what does it all mean? And WTF is “refracted DNA”??? John has read all the books and Brandon has theories, so come join us in a romp through the Shimmer to Area X. (Hit “Read More” for show links.)

Links and credits:

A different ending for Annihilation

VanderMeer’s reaction to the film

If you are looking for similar books, see this list of influences for the novel

Wikipedia on the Southern Reach trilogy provides a link to the official website(???)

Bonus link: How many hobbits does it take to kill a mammoth?

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