Episode 10: Duncan Dune-nuts

Somehow both our grossest and sexiest episode yet

Dune! One of the most famous and acclaimed sci-fi novels finally gets the Tangent Space treatment. From the sprawling and crazy later books to the David Lynch movie and the film that almost was from Jodorowsky, we have a lot to talk about in this episode. We’re talking battle pugs (yes, seriously), riding the sandworm with Toto blasting, sex ninjas, and seeing the future while tripping out on spice. Come with us as we walk arithmetically on the sand and praise Shai-Hulud! (A good crop of related links on the full post.)

Links and credits:

(From the only podcast to link to a thesis in the show notes)

Want to see what we were going on about? See this video clip of Captain Picard (aka Patrick Stewart) with pug.

We didn’t find much online of feminist readings of Dune (send any links our way!), but found this fascinating thesis on gender, technology, and cyborgs in Dune by Carrie Lynn Evans.

Article mentioned on The Outline: The Only Good Online Fandom Left is Dune

Herbert’s influences were diverse and a topic of discussion all on their own, for instance this article from the LA Review of Books on the The Secret History of Dune.

The above article was posted on Hacker News, with an interesting discussion and further reading there.

Jodorowsky’s Dune

David Lynch’s Dune

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