Episode 17: Show Us The (Alien) Bodies

The closest we get to reality on this podcast

Tangent Space faces reality in this one folks. Or as close of an encounter as we can get. Which of us has seen a UFO in real life? Why would Brandon only be convinced aliens exist if they demonstrated their power? Does John want to join a UFO cult? Find out answers to these questions as we shill for alien sponsorship! We discuss the big questions, wondering if we are alone, if anyone would even believe if aliens showed up, and how to pronounce “fata morgana.” We also watch some UFO videos (links below!) and start down the path of alien conspiracies.

Join us, little green friends! Have a listen and look below for show links…

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Episode 9: Die Hard Huckabees

We could probably make more episodes if we had forever

Catching up on another episode we are proud to present the last of the single digits, immortalized as an episode about…well, immortality! Even better, it is longer than the usual!

We debate the joys and pitfalls of being immortal and whether anyone would really want to live forever. Speaking of forever, sorry this episode languished a bit in editing and posting (cough John cough). It has been so long this show notes writer (cough John cough) is having difficulties remembering what we discussed. So this website writer (cough John cough) is left without much to go on. I suppose he could blame someone else (cough Brandon cough), but since he does all the hard editing work…

Anyway, elves, lobsters, memory, being trapped in a computer, AI…consider it a surprise and enjoy the extended episode on the player below, or your favorite podcast app. Links and credits on the full post.

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Episode 8: Apocalypse Service

From summer straight to nuclear winter

Well, what have we here, an episode we posted a long time ago without a blog entry? Time to catch up on important things like the apocalypse.

In case you missed it (subscribe on your favorite podcast platform!) this is an episode about everything end of days, looking at dystopian and post-apocalyptic themes in media. Listen on the player below, subscribe, and open the full post for the show notes, links, and credits.

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Episode 7: Join the Doppel Gang

The one where Brandon becomes a robot

Another episode for ya!

We discuss imitation, fakery, memories, and the downfall of reality as we uncover more of our deepest fears. But it’s not all dark! Learn how a bag of chips will protect your identity, how videogames will allow us to replicate Brandon, and about that childhood movie that actually doesn’t exist.

You can listen directly below (or even better, subscribe on your favorite platform!), and hit “Read More” for related links and credits on the full post.

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