Episode 11: Annihilation, No Breathing

This is my Area X resort

Tangent Space gets annihilated! We discuss the recent-ish movie Annihilation from Alex Garland based on the book by Jeff VanderMeer. Mysteries abound: aliens? doppelgangers? what does it all mean? And WTF is “refracted DNA”??? John has read all the books and Brandon has theories, so come join us in a romp through the Shimmer to Area X. (Hit “Read More” for show links.)

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Episode 10: Duncan Dune-nuts

Somehow both our grossest and sexiest episode yet

Dune! One of the most famous and acclaimed sci-fi novels finally gets the Tangent Space treatment. From the sprawling and crazy later books to the David Lynch movie and the film that almost was from Jodorowsky, we have a lot to talk about in this episode. We’re talking battle pugs (yes, seriously), riding the sandworm with Toto blasting, sex ninjas, and seeing the future while tripping out on spice. Come with us as we walk arithmetically on the sand and praise Shai-Hulud! (A good crop of related links on the full post.)

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Episode 3: Emotional AIs, Decisions, and Living in a Simulation

Join us, and question the nature of your reality

We really go off on some…tangents in this episode. While we start with a discussion on emotions and AI inspired by a sci-fi book trilogy, we quickly find ourselves talking about decision making through coin flipping, random numbers, and why we’re probably living in a simulated reality (maybe). We had a lot of fun in this one, while including some science and math (it’s in our nature, apparently). Check out the episode, with a few show notes below on the full post.

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